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A Global Company with Local Presence

About Us

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     We at Unitrans-PRA, a family owned and operated company, have been helping customers all over the world to find the easiest, most reliable and cost efficient way of cargo transportation.

     Our lengthy experience is our guarantee to our customers of the speediest and most reliable routes.

Our sophisticated software allows you to keep track of you shipments at all times.

    Licensed by FMC and IATA, we have a long term relationships with major Carriers, which means that we could provide you with space even when it is extremely limited.

     We could take upon any shipments, small or large, bulky or heavy, odd-shaped or fragile, perishable or hazardous.

We use the most advanced techniques and unique way of packing, so your cargo will safely arrive at the destination with minimization of possible damage while in transit.

     Our employees are dedicated to putting their time, talent and energy toward sufficient customer service.

     What makes us special is that we managed to make shipping process a world wide experience by establishing dependable agent structure around the globe, while staying a convenient next door neighborhood company.

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